Here’s Why You Could Be Having Breakfast In Bed: Easy Meal Inspiration

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Breakfast in bed, anyone?

A warm, comforting breakfast is the perfect way to surprise your family (and treat yourself) this holiday season…especially if you make our healthy switches! Try these out…

The Meal: A Decadent Momma meal of cheesy, savory spinach and artichoke omelet, with a side of apple and cream cheese gingerbread brulee…

Why It’s Good: The omelet is made with a splash of V8 juice and plenty of spinach and artichoke (for a great serving of produce), although the Provolone cheese is more for taste than waistline. The chopped apple, raisin and cream cheese mixture is relatively healthy (and oh-so-yummy), although the gluten-free bruleed crust (made from Gluten Free Pantry Spice Cake & Gingerbread mix) is definitely intended for a special treat!

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Make It Fast:

* If You Want Low-Calorie: Switch the regular eggs for Egg Beaters (usually 60 calories per container) or egg whites, and fill up on the artichoke and spinach (they’re good for you!) Swap the full-fat Provolone cheese for a low-calorie option (like Laughing Cow Cheese Light Swiss Wedges). Make the gingerbread and apple mixture low-calorie by adding Light cream cheese to the apple/raisin mix, and crumbling a few low-calorie gingerbread cookies on top (before heating).

* If You Want It Fast: Use frozen spinach, canned artichoke, and cook the eggs scramble style in the microwave. Take pre-sliced apples, add some raisins and cinnamon, and heat them in the microwave with a small amount of cream cheese (or soymilk)…and you’re done!

* If You Don’t Want To Cook: Heat up a Smart One’s Breakfast Quesadilla for a 220 calorie egg fix, and have a side of Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Cinammon Roll yogurt. Similar tastes…with zero work!

What did YOU have for dinner last night?  Let us know, or submit a photo of your latest meal (and we’ll help other mommas make it fast!) Leave a comment, TwitPic on Twitter (@makeovermomma), or contact our Facebook page!

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