Steal Beauty Tips From Model Gisele Bundchen– Interview Backstage With Runway Models

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Model moms (like expecting momma Gisele Bundchen, and Kate Moss) are known for their beauty tricks…Try using some yourself!

Do you ever wonder what models do to take care of themselves, both inside and out? We were able to interview two fabulous models backstage at a recent Fashion Fights Poverty event, and were thrilled to get the insider scoop on their beauty habits (you can use them too!)…

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Model #1: Debbie (brunette, above)

How Many Looks She Wore: “I’m working two designers today.”

What Have You Liked The Most About This Show: “I love the eye makeup. It’s very dramatic, and it really stands out against the light lipstick.”

Her Insider Tip: “I follow a morning and evening routine, working with a cleanser, a proper moisturizer, and I’m really big in to learning the ingredients of the products. Finding products that are really rich and have antioxidants. I even eat fruits that are rich in anything that’s anti-aging.
Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Night cream is very important. And…sunscreen! Sunscreen is number one thing. Every day- even if it’s not sunny).”

Steal Her Advice: It goes without saying that every woman should find the time to apply sunscreen in the morning and wash their face (even with a baby wipe) to remove makeup at night (no matter how tired).But it’s also important to remember that beauty comes from the inside out, so try and seek out as many vitamins as possible (from supplements and fresh produce) to improve skin, in addition to an antioxidant-rich moisturizer.

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Model #2:Jehrime Chadwick (getting his jacket fixed, above)

Favorite Thing About The Show:“It’s really about the people around you. These people are models, but they also work for corporate America. They understand the purpose of making a difference. Anytime you can bring fashion and poverty into something, and make it for a good cause…it makes you feel good.” (We agree!)

How Many Looks He Wore: “I’m wearing two designers, and I have three different looks.”

His Insider Tip: “Obviously I’m not a mom, but I do have a mother, and the think she always taught me was in terms of nutrition: always eat right. Even on days when you’re running late, or don’t have time [it’s important to remember your diet]. I always tell my sister (who has kids), that if you have to go from one room to another during the day… do squats or lunges along the way.”

Steal His Advice: Jehrime may not be a mom, but we love his practical advice for taking care of yourself (his mother is one smart woman!) By getting proper nutrition and sneaking exercise into your daily life, you will feel better throughout the rest of the day (and look great on the outside too!)

* Speak Up: Who’s advice do you agree with the most? How do you take care of yourself on the inside, so that it shows on the outside?

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