Here’s Why You Can Have Crazy Long Eyelashes Like Ali Landry: 1 Minute Makeover

Want fake looking eyelashes, without actually applying falsies? Check out this Ultimate Eye Lash video (and Win the Lash Food Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner and Lash Food Conditioning Drama Mascara used… just by commenting!)

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We LOVE long eyelashes (like moms Christine Taylor and Ali Landry)…do you?

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The Giveaway Question: “What do you think matters more: HOW you apply mascara, or WHAT mascara you’re using?”

The Holiday Gift Guide Products Shown In This Video: Lash Food Conditioning Mascara and Eyeliner and Maybelline XXL Mascara

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8 comments on “Here’s Why You Can Have Crazy Long Eyelashes Like Ali Landry: 1 Minute Makeover
  1. Tara says:

    I’m answering, but not for the giveaway 🙂 I think the kind of mascara matters the most….I’ve had horrible experiences with super wet or dry and goopy mascaras. I stick with tried and true Maybelline Great Lash!

  2. Ali says:

    I agree that the kind of mascara is definitely more important (QUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!), but I also think that you DO need to have SOME form of technique for application, to make it more dramatic!

    Great technique, Bailey! I have never done a lot of the little tips you gave, but I definitely will be testing them out to see which technique helps me most!

  3. Charity S. says:

    The kind of mascara can make a big difference, but it should be applied correctly.

  4. Tanyal says:

    I think that it\’s a little of both. I think you can have a good quaility mascara and not apply it evenly which will make it clumpy..or vice versa, you can have a lower budget mascara and use techniques as above and come out with lush looking lashes
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  5. Dorie says:

    I think out of the two, mascara weighs the heaviest. While technique is very important, I believe that mascara formula is much more so. No matter how great your technique is, if the mascara is uber bad, the results won’t be as great as poor to no technique and an awesome mascara.

  6. ryana says:

    I think you have to have a good quality mascara to achieve nice lashes
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  7. Rondah says:

    I think it\\\’s a mixture of both but do believe that some brands of mascara are better than others
    zachsgran1 (a t ) yahoo (d o t ) com

  8. Riley says:

    I use Revitalash for my lashes and have seen amazing results. I have tried every lash thickener and mascara under the sun and none worked as well as Revitalash!! Plus a doctor created it so I feel very safe using it.

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