Here’s Why You Can Have Crazy Clear Skin Like Kate Hudson and Angie Harmon: Beauty Trend Focus

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The Trend: Using tons of exfoliating, anti-aging treatment products (and facials) every day (in the quest for clear skin)…

You know all of those fancy dermatologist and spa treatments which exfoliate the skin, wipe away dead skin cells and leave you looking refreshed and renewed? We’ve found it in a bottle! Although using tons of products might seem like it will get you better, brighter skin…it can actually be overkill (and make your fragile complexion worse).

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The Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel is meant to create clear skin in every since of the word: less pimples, less signs of aging and overall smoother, softer skin. It works like an intense treatment or facial to gently remove dead skin cells (clearing your pores and preventing signs of aging), with just a few pumps of the bottle after washing. Yes, it’s a Splurge for mommas (at $51), but could be used to replace your retinol or Retin-A products, frequent facials or daily exfoliants.

Makeover Momma Store Suggestion: Want the perfect skincare regimen, which takes care of every anti-aging, skin clearing or hydrating need you might have? Try this Somme Institute 5 Step Regimen (it has every ingredient your skin could need!)

* Trend Sound Off: Do you believe in using just a few, specific skincare products, or an entire system? Which works better for you?

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3 comments on “Here’s Why You Can Have Crazy Clear Skin Like Kate Hudson and Angie Harmon: Beauty Trend Focus
  1. Ali says:

    If I could find ONE product, and not have to find room in my bathroom for all the tons and tons of products that it takes to COMBINED tackle my bad skin, I would be a VERY HAPPY girl!

  2. I think i\’m gonna buy this!!

  3. Bailey says:

    Isn’t it such a cool concept? I LOVE products that do more than one thing (saves us so much time!)

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