Here’s How To Soothe Your Skin Like Victoria Beckham: Real Momma Product Review

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Moms like Victoria Beckham and Jenna Elfman have glowing, radiant skin…try this to soothe and heal your own!

 If there is one lovely thing that motherhood leaves behind, it’s swollen limbs, sore muscles and a general feeling of exhaustion. Perhaps this is why our Real Momma Shanda was so up to the task of reviewing the relaxing, cooling leg gel from Payot (and we don’t blame her)…

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The Product: Payot Cooling Relaxing Light Leg Gel

What I Thought: “As a dance educator, I spend between 15 and 20 hours a week teaching or in rehearsals literally “on my toes”! Plus, running after a three year old and carrying my 5 month old and all her baby gear. By the end of the day, my legs are tired! So  I “jumped” at the chance to try Payot Cooling and Relaxing Light Legs Gel. This gel, which contains Hematite extract, instantly felt cool and tingly when I massaged it into my ankles, calves, behind my knees and thighs.My tired old legs definitely felt more relaxed and seemed to feel lighter. An added bonus: the cool menthol scent of the gel totally cleared my sinuses!”

 Do you love products that do more than one thing at once (what mom doesn’t?)  Soothe your dry winter skin with this multitasking gem…

* Makeover Momma Store Suggestion: We love the Cellex-C Skin Perfecting Pen, because it treats nearly every skin problem you or your children might have (pimples, boils, bug bites, skin inflammation, dryness), while using natural herbal ingredients and healing properties.

* What product smooths and soothes your skin?

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