Here’s How To Get A Glow Like Kate Hudson — Fantasy Beauty Buy

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   Moms are very rarely able to spend money (or time) on themselves, so sometimes we simply fantasize about the pricey products, ridiculous workout gear or decadent couture we wish we had. Rachel (mother of two girls), our Real Momma contributor, admitted her latest Fantasy Beauty Buy (which leaves us wondering….what’s yours?)

Here’s My Fantasy Buy Right Now: “My own spray tanning booth.”

“Between being housebound this summer (with a new baby), and my vigilant sunscreen use (during those all-too-brief outings), my skin looks like it never made it out of last winter. I would love to install a Mystic tanning booth in my house for an instant spray tan, whenever I want one. Even though I stayed home this summer, I would have the perfect (safe) tan this fall!”

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Get The Fantasy At Home: Ok, so a portable, in-home spray tanning booth is probably not going to become a reality for many mommas, but you can safely recreate a summer tan this winter season (without damaging your skin). We love lotions that develop gradually (perfect for busy moms), and can be applied every day (try Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer). For more self tanner ideas (on a limited budget), click here

* What is your Makeover Momma fantasy buy of the week?

Credit: © Tony Barson / and Steve Granitz / at Daily Makeover

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