Here’s How To Drink Your Vitamins Like Brooke Shields — 1 Minute Makeover

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Want to drink your way to better health? Try Brooke Shields and Heidi Klum’s vitamin trick…

The Problem: You never remember to take a multivitamin during the day, no matter how hard you try…

The Fix: Try improving your daily nutrition, helping your skin glow and gaining more energy…all by finding easier ways to get your vitamins. We love the new products from Ola Loa, who makes “drinkable vitamins” that any mom can pour in to a bottle of water, and drink on-the-go. This is also an easy way to trick yourself into drinking more water (because now it tastes like Orange or Tropical), and re-use old water bottles for the sake of the environment.

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* What vitamins are YOU taking right now?

Credit: © Barry King/ and Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd. from Daily Makeover

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