Help Your Mood With Better Foods (And A Title That Almost Rhymed)

Sometimes motherhood takes a lot of fuel (Salma Hayek and Michelle Williams)…

* Nutrition Review Fest of the Week:

Do you sometimes feel SAD? No, I don’t mean the overwhelming emotion one feels when episodes of Private Practice and Parenthood go un-recorded (or in my case, Archer), nor am I referencing the evocation derived from a subsequent lack of wine at every meal. Instead, I’m talking about something a bit more serious: seasonal affective disorder. If you were on Elmo’s World, I would explain it as that “unky feeling” you can’t shake from a long, cold winter indoors (but if your brain hasn’t become mush from the constant outer monologue of toddlers, I’d note that more serious aspects of depression, loss of appetite and inability to focus can occur). Surprisingly, SAD can be a problem in the summer months as well (which makes sense, since viewing my backside in the florescent lighting of a bathing-suit shopping excursion does not aid in warm, fuzzy feelings).

Since spring is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to tackle your “winter blues” with healthier eating (even if a giant loaf of bread is all you’re wanting). Believe it or not, certain foods can actually help boost your energy naturally without any additional treatment (even though your physician might recommend you buy Wellbutrin or follow a more focused coarse of action). Even if you’re a terrible cook like me, find small ways to add the following healthy foods to your diet and you’ll be feeling better fast:

* Healthy Fats: Fat sometimes sounds like a scary word, but adding a petite dose of natural fats to your daily meals is a wonderful way to enrich your skin, hair and (of course) mood. Keep things simple by adding a dollop of fresh guacamole to your sandwhich, some chopped avocado to your salad, or a drizzle of olive oil to sautéed veggies… easy, right?

* B12 Boosters: Even though I’m deeply tempted to make a terrible joke about “B’s really being an A+!”, I’ll spare you in favor of the facts. B12 is one of nature’s many mood boosters, and can be added to your daily routine without the calories in simple ways. A small dose of grilled fish at dinner, a veggie packed egg omelette for breakfast, or (for my vegetarian and vegan friends) vitamin fortified soymilk on your cereal.

* Be A Nut: One of the trickiest food traps a girl can encounter is the belief that “the more nuts, the better”. Yes, unsalted nuts are a healthy source of Omega-3 fatty acids (as well as meat-free protein), but getting overly snacky can lead to one too many unwanted pounds. I recommend setting small portions of nuts aside in small Ziplock bags, so you’re never without a positive option, but not tempted to down handful after handful. Capiche?

* Sound Off: How does the change of season effect your mood AND your eating habits?

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