Help Your Man Get A Closer Shave Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Makeover Dad Tips

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Moms Angelina Jolie and Ashlee Simpon-Wentz have men who grow it out (Brad Pitt) or shave it down (Pete Wentz)…which do you prefer?

We may have suggested the perfect holiday products for your man in the past, but we continue to get questions from men asking… when will you help Makeover Dads with their (manly) beauty routines? Luckily, we’re launching a new feature specifically for Dad’s (and/or for the women shopping for them).

As New Years quickly approaches (and resolutions continue to be set), men complain about one consistent topic…irritation from shaving. We had a frequently-irritated Makeover Dad test out some products for 2010 and report back!

The Products:

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* Osea Ocean Cleanser: We Makeover Momma’s may love multitasking products, but Dad’s do too. This cleanser helps to purify the skin (without drying it out), while exfoliating (using all natural, hydrating ingredients). Our Dad said, “I normally hate how tight and dry my skin feels after cleansing in the shower, but this made it feel soft.”

* Earth Science Shave Cream: “This is the hardest thing to find…a shaving cream that helps me get a close shave, without making my skin feel raw”. This shave cream (infused with tons of natural properties like aloe and Vitamin E) seemed to do the trick, “my skin felt so smooth after-wards, I almost didn’t need an after shave.”

* IntelliGENTS Formula Lev8 Aftershave Gel: “I have the hardest time using after shaves, because they either make my skin feel worse or add to the irritation.” This tea-tree oil infused version got A+ from our man: “It went on easy and my face seemed a lot less red later on in the day.”

* Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream: This cream was so great (using proteins and marine extracts to protect the skin from environmental stressors and sun damage), that we stole it from our men (perfect as a primer and to plump up wrinkles). He said, “I really liked how I could put this cream on without looking shiny and greasy…but I did not like how my wife started using it too!”

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If you want to know what kind of shaving products to get for your man, just remember these simple rules from shaving expert Nicole, “forget alcohol heavy products (they’re all pain and no gain), and choose a quality shave cream that doesn’t foam up (foam is merely soap filled water).” Adding, “[Remind your husband to] always shave with the grain of your hair growth, and leave a moisturizing shave cream on face for three minutes before shaving.” Go ahead…steal some of those tips for your own shower routine too!

* What is your favorite trick for avoiding irritation during shaving?

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