Help Your Family Breathe Easy With Halo Air: Makeover Momma Event Diary

Do you have your hands full (like Amanda Peet or Gwen Stefani?) Let salt be the cure…

Is your life so chaotic that can’t seem to get ahead with your health? Sick of always feeling sick, no matter how many pills you take? Face facts: you need to take time out of your hectic schedule for your physical and mental well being (and visiting the Halo/Air Salt Rooms in New York City is definitely a place to start!) Luckily, Cara has the inside scoop on the experience:

“Last Tuesday, I was rushing from my internship at Good Housekeeping to the Halo Air Salts Room at 133 West 22nd Street in NYC. If you live in the Tri State Area, you may remember that the temperature reached 102 degrees Fahrenheit that day.  The time was 5:15 PM and I was dashing into the smothering Subway station to make my 5:30 PM appointment. After weaving in and out of the rush-hour hoards of people, I arrived at my destination (likely looking like I just ran a marathon).

Ron Rofe, owner and founder of the first Salts Room in the United States, immediately greeted me. He gave me a tour and explained the key to this brand new Manhattan wellness facility is something we often take for granted: salt. All of the rooms are constructed completely out of salt mined from salt caves in Europe. These salt caves are remnants of an ocean that covered Eastern Europe twenty million years ago (even though the water dried up, the salt remained hundreds of meters below the ground). The beauty of this idea is that the salt was protected from the harsh environmental pollutants we breathe everyday, and as a result, the air is completely clean. The salt creates a low humidity in environment that absorbs bacteria and clears up mucus (so it’s actually good for your health!)

Halo Air has recreated this micro-climate in their heavenly Salt Rooms. Just think about it: don’t you shower every day in order to cleanse your skin and erase dirt? But what are you doing to purify your lungs from environmental toxins? This wellness facility provides a relaxing (and yes, lung cleansing) treatment, and regular visits is a safe, natural way to ease respiratory problems (whether common conditions like allergies or asthma, or the more serious like cystic fibrosis). Even your skin will get better from regular visits, because problems like eczema and acne benefit from this environment.

Ron, creator of Halo Air Salt Rooms, first learned about their power when his mother visited a salt room in Israel to alleviate symptoms from a rare bacterial disease. The salt helped to reduce her pain and was less harsh on her body than traditional remedies.Plus, Halo’s rooms are safe for both adults and children. Adults spend 60 minutes in a treatment room (whereas children only spend 30 minutes). There is even a child’s room equipped with a plasma TV, toys, games, and comfortable couches/chairs (so kids won’t even realize they’re healing their bodies!)

Halo features four treatment adult rooms: two single and two double. Each consists of a comfortable reclining chair, plasma TV, cable, radio and the ability to dim the lights. Needless to say, I was in heaven after my stressful day. I cannot remember the last time I sat down and watched a full episode of TV without multi-tasking (writing an article, checking my emails, proofreading something for my brother). And when I stepped into the room I immediately noticed the difference in air quality. The air in the city can sometimes feel heavy (like you are swimming through a pool saturated with smog and heat), but it was a relief to breathe deeply without any impediment. In fact, nearly fell asleep watching Law and Order: SVU! After 60 minutes, I stepped outside and felt refreshed and recharged (momentarily forgetting my exhausting day).

Mom Insider Experience: What Does A Mom Think?

“My son has had a chronic congestive and sinus problem since the Fall of last year (it is accompanied by a lot of mucus, a bad cough and he has difficulty sleeping). Prior to that, he had been diagnosed with bronchilitis a few times as well; every time that this cough occurred, I would use a nebulizer for a few days with him and the cough would go away for about a few weeks and then it would come back. I was discussing my son’s cough with a girlfriend who told me about a trend in Israel called Salt Therapy. The next day I googled Salt Therapy and read quite a bit of information about the practice and decided that it may be very beneficial for him. I found that Halo Air had recently opened in Chelsea and I made an appointment to bring him in for a session to see how it would be.  I also brought him to an ENT who told me that doing this salt therapy is probably the absolute best thing that I could be doing for him.

Ever since his first visit, he has loved coming in for his biweekly sessions and he has a lot of fun each time. I am thoroughly enjoying his sessions as well, because I have seen a noticeable improvement in his condition. In the week before I started bringing him to Halo Air, I was using the nebulizer with him everyday, but now I have not used it since we began the sessions!

His cough is reduced, there is much less mucus and congestion, and he sleeps much better. I have noticed less wheezing, and even though he used to have times where he would be so congested that he would throw up mucus..that has stopped too! The friendly staff and soothing atmosphere are an additional bonus. I would definitely recommend Halo Air to anyone whose child seems to be suffering from congestion or having difficulty with respiratory related conditions. My son’s improvement has been so great, I am glad that I found Halo Air and decided to try this therapy with him!”

* What Do You Think: Can salt cure more than just meat?

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