Help Stop Temper Tantrums For Good

Helping your children deal with emotions can be difficult. Some kids might have a hard time expressing themselves, might be dealing with delays, or potentially even communication issues. Other children might be perfectly healthy on paper, but are prone to temper tantrums or meltdowns. This is why I am a newfound fan of Onionhead: a company striving to peel back the layers of our emotions, in order to identify what we’re feeling.

I became a fan of Onionhead after realizing how wonderful it would be for my family personal, but here are some other reasons:

* It provides a great way to connect families and increase communication.

* It’s a wonderful resource for children with language delays (like my youngest daughter), autism or…

* It can help children of all abilities and ages better express their feelings.

* Perfect for schools, classes, therapy or education at home.

* Great for teenagers or pre-teens who are entering difficult stages of life and need support.

It doesn’t matter how or why you use Onionhead, because it can be benefitial to everyone. Want to know what exactly these products are or why I’m excited to use them? Watch the video above or check them out below…

* Speak Up: Would you like to see the teenage/older child Onionhead products in the Makeover Momma shop? Who do you know that would benefit from this brand?

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