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Mothers Christina Aguilera and Heidi Klum rock all kinds of hair trends and textures.

Hair trends may come and go, but learning how to deal with your hair (while dealing with motherhood) is an irreplaceable skill.Regardless of what style or cut is popular now, finding your “tried and true” texture is incredibly important. Although some mothers have the technique, time and skill to continue their pre-baby routine (whether blow drying or curling), most mommas need to master the art of the air dry as fast as possible. Learn how with these simple tips…

1. Work With Your Texture – Whether your hair is naturally curly or stick straight, it’s finally time to embrace the locks with which you were born.Start improving your texture in the shower (if you’re lucky enough to get one) by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner on straight strands, or wave and curl enhancing products for kinky locks.

2. Add Product Wisely – After you have thoroughly cleansed and hydrated your hair according to it’s personality, choosing the right product is vital. Straight hair can use small amounts of shine enhancing serum, while wavy hair is best scrunched using a mix of hydrating mousse and conditioner. Try twisting strands of curly hair around your finger, and using a thick leave in conditioner and small amounts of gel to give spirals hold.

3. Leave It Be – After applying product to your hair…leave it alone!Straight strands can dry naturally (using a comb to occasionally detangle), while wavy hair can benefit from being pulled into a low, tight bun (or a series of high twists) until dry. Stop touching your beautiful curly hair (or you will create frizz), and finish it off with small amounts of shine enhancing serum at the very end.

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