Heidi Klum High Waist Jeans — Speedy Spotlight

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  Super models like mother Heidi Klum seem like they could wear anything and look fantastic, but mere mortal mommas have a harder time flattering their body types after baby. If you’ve been wanting to try out the high waist jean trend, learn how to do it right for your body (and avoid the dreaded “mom jean” stereotype)…

a) Get great fit first, when choosing a brand of jean. It doesn’t matter the price tag or the size on the label, because high waisted pants fit differently from other clothing (let go of that pre-baby number, please!)

b) Let jeans hit the right part of your waist, instead of going too high or too low. The perfect area will be right at your natural waist-line or belly button (to draw attention to the smallest part of your waist).

c) Jeans should be smooth and sleek, so don’t buy a pair unless they fit your body perfectly (if you know how to sew, try tailoring your clothes or enlisting a friend to help with the fit). Check for pulling in the crotch area, weird folds or pleating in the hips, or too snug a fit in the thighs or rear.

d) When in doubt, go slightly baggier than you think. It’s better to have a “trouser effect” with high waist pants, than an extremely, tight snug jean that draws attention to every lump and bump (or worse yet, creates them). Just remember, this isn’t J.Lo circa late 90’s (although we’d love to that body, of course!)

Buy It: Try an affordable pair like “The Goddess” High Rise Denim Trouser from Old Navy (which comes in Petite and Tall sizes too), or the a.n.a Double-Button Denim Trouser from J.C. Pennys.

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