How To Wear Heidi Klum’s Sneakers — Trends in Motherhood

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We know that brightly colored sneakers may be cool in younger circles (skaters, artists and Run DMC’s daughters come to mind), but we can’t seem to get our kicks from neon kicks. Even though perpetually beautiful celebrity mother Heidi Klum (shown above) was recently spotted with electric sneakers, we think very few can truly pull off this look while running their day-to-day motherly errands (can you picture Jennifer Garner sporting those shoes?)

It goes without saying that fashion is about self expression and personal taste, so we support those daring mommas who can wear crazy sneaks with pride. But for the rest of us? We would rather leave our inner Kanye or Lilly Allen behind, and spend our limited funding on classic shoes that work with any outfit (or color palette). When in doubt, we’d rather wear something slightly more feminine (like the Champion Indigo Sport Mary Janes), a comfortable pair of outfit-brightening moccasins (like Xhilaration brand Sherlyn moccasins), or for truly wild color, a pair of artistic comfortable flats (like the Printed Canvas Ballet Flats, in a variety of colors).

*Want us to review a motherhood trend that you love or hate? Would you like to suggest or review a trend of your own? Send in comments, suggestions or reviews, and share your opinions!

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7 comments on “How To Wear Heidi Klum’s Sneakers — Trends in Motherhood
  1. Ok, If I found these on sale…and I mean a “SALE” then maybe I’d buy them for fun. But if I had to choose between a classic pair of shoes and these and still spend good money for them? A no brainer for me…I’d go with the classic. It fun to be silly but not when I have to pay full price.

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