Heal Your Ends With Natural Hair Oil: Celebrity Beauty Makeover Moment

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Do you think that one product can truly transform your ends? I used to be a product snob, and thought things like not blow drying frequently or not shampooing every day were the keys to healthy hair (which in a sense, they are). But I never realized that using the right product can really, truly impact the health of hair too (until I saw the results for myself).

I talked about my newfound love for Macadamia Hair Oil a few months ago (check out this hair diary), but didn’t realize how much of a difference it really made (until the compliments started pouring in). As someone who never gets compliments on her hair (it could be described as “scraggly” or “bi-polar” at best), I started religiously using the Hair Oil treatment on my damp ends after a shower, but most importantly as a protective agent before lightly curling my hair (on low heat). I coat my dry ends in the oil, gently comb out with a wide tooth comb, and carefully wrap my hair around the curling iron (taking only about 5 minutes to style, because I never have more than that). My hair seems to stay shiny, silky and soft throughout the rest of the week (or until I actually have time to style it again). All in all, I give this an enormous A+!

Soft, silky ends (like Angelina Jolie and Sophia Vergara) make all the difference!

* Speak Up: Have you ever used hair oil on our hair? What were the results?

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