Heal Your Body With Ginger Like Courtney Cox-Arquette and Joely Richardson: Double-Duty Diet

Courtney Cox-Arquette and Joely Richardson strive to eat healthy (it’s easier than you think!)

Do you use ginger like you use salt and pepper, spicing and sweetening everything that you bake, stir-fry, or marinate? Well, this super ugly but pungent root may be able to cure some of your most common ailments. Ginger’s ability to combat a variety of diseases and conditions is due in part to its impact on excessive inflammation, which is a significant underlying cause of many illnesses. arthritis, diverticulosis, gallbladder inflammation, and heart disease, the inflammation does not go away. It becomes chronic and leads to many other problems.

Ginger is particularly useful in treating chronic inflammation because it partially inhibits two important enzymes that play a role in inflammation gone awry — cyclooxygenase (COX) and 5-lipoxygenase (LOX). Most anti-inflammatory drugs can cause side effects, such as ulcers, because they also block the beneficial effects that COX has on the digestive tract, including protecting the stomach. Ginger does not cause stomach irritation; instead it helps protect and heal the gut. The root doesn’t shut down the inflammatory process entirely, ginger may actually allow it to work properly and then turn itself off, the way it does with an injury.

Besides reducing inflammation, ginger has many other benefits. It helps relieve nausea, destroys a host of viruses, and in some laboratory studies has shown promise as an anticancer agent. (MY favorite use for it is to stop painful PMS cramps and hangover nausea)

Here are two awesome ways to implement Ginger into everyday recipes (though a box of gingersnaps works too!)

Thai Hummus Recipe:

* In a food processor put…
– 1 can of chickpeas, drained
-2 tablespoons of lime juice
-3/4 of a cup of fresh grated ginger (more to taste)
– A few small pieces of chopped garlic
* Give the processor a couple of good whirls, then drizzle in chili sesame oil (about1/8 of a cup) in a pinch you can also use olive oil with a squirt of sirracha sauce

* I recommend with sweet potato chips or fries, but equally good as a spread on a wrap or sandwich

Ginger Tea: I would make my own video but how adorable is this tiny, sweet woman? You would rather watch her, trust me!

*All meal suggestions at Makeover Mommaâ„¢ will include allergen information and suggestions for children with allergies, celiac disease, or additional health concerns. The above recipe is vegetarian and gluten-free.

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Written by Corey Vincent Holmes: VP and NEW Diet Guru on Makeover Momma, Wasty Cakes blogger.

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  1. Katie says:

    That is an adorable little lady & the tea sounds simple and yummy 🙂

  2. Isn’t she so cute? She reminds me of my mom… hehe

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