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     Motherhood and “comfortable clothing” seem to be practically synonmous, and almost every mother out there needs to wear work-out clothing or sweats once in awhile (like always adorable celeb momma, Halle Berry- above). So, how can you wear active-wear properly?

1. Don’t Get Oversized: The key to making “sweats” look stylish is to consider fit first, and function second. Aim to balance the proportions of any active outfit (if you’re wearing loose pants, choose a tighter fitting T-shirt, and visa versa). You don’t want to hide your figure in baggy sweats, but you also don’t want to accentuate every lump or bump (check out the ever stylish Jennifer Lopez for tips on fitting your body right, above).

2. Skip Messy: If any of your items look worn, faded, stained or are completely beyond trend (very few mothers should be spotted wearing T-shirts with phrases like “I’m Hotter Than You”)…pass them along to someone else! Choose active-wear items that are in simple colors or (better yet) wear one color from head-to-toe for an extra slimming trick.

3. Keep It Feminine: Yes, it’s possible to wear accessories with workout gear or comfortwear, so make sure to add that extra ‘something’ to keep your outfit from looking sloppy. For example, if you’re wearing sleek track pants and a hoodie, try adding soft ballet flats and feminine earrings for a trip to the store.

4. Know What Works: We have said it before (check out “Frump Properly“), but always try to pick comfortable clothing that looks appropriate and fashionable. Look for sleek hoodies and matching pants, or a fashionable skort with a V-neck T-shirt. Skip anything you might have worn in a dorm room (or the privacy of your own bedroom)…

* We want to hear from you: Do you have a fashion dilemma for Makeover Momma? Do you want advice on any matter, or care to share your opinion? Please let us know!

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