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Celeb Beauty: Halle Berry is known for her beautiful face and beautiful figure, but we love her even more for recently embracing her natural hair texture as a busy mother.

  • The Look: We encourage this for all mothers who are loosing sleep because of their lengthy morning hair routine.
  • Who This Works For: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, put down the blow dryer and step away. If you can learn to embrace your natural texture of hair, it will cause less damage to strands through heat styling, and will save yourself more time (and sanity) to be with your baby.
  • Make It Work For You: If your hair is naturally straight, we can’t help but be slightly envious. Try creating volume and shine in straight hair (without styling) by  massaging a small amount of baby powder into your roots, flipping your head over and spritzing  with a volumizing hair spray like Garnier Fructis XXL Non-Aerosol Hair Spray. Finish it off with a small mist of shine product, like Citre Shine Shine Mist.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, try playing up your natural waves while minimizing frizz. After showering, apply a dime or quarter size amount of conditioner (depending upon hair thickness) to ends and combing through for needed hydration. Next, try combining a small amount of gel with a hydrating mousse (or mousse with shine cream), or skip the work and get a 2-in-1 product like Aussie Opposites Attract Styling Mousse. Scrunch throughout your ends and let hair air dry (additionally scrunch or spray shine cream into ends as needed, once strands are fully dry).

* How do you style your hair when letting it air dry? Do you prefer heat styling in the morning and leaving it alone?

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