Halle Berry Fashion Tips — Makeover Momma Contest Winner

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Makeover Momma Contest Winner Answer: Contest winner Erin (and author of the fashionable blog Soft Spoken) sent in a wonderful suggestion for budgeted moms, explaining what she does to make old clothes feel like new again.

 “To me there are two ways to make old clothes feel new:

1) Try matching different pieces. Layer a cardigan over a shirt that you have never worn together. Start mix and matching pieces to create whole new outfits!

2) Accessorize! Pairing a new hat, belt, jewelry, or shoes with old clothes can revitalize them and give you a whole new look. I wear shirts that I’ve had for years with new shoes and it makes the whole outfit feel new and fresh.”

  Try taking Erin’s advice by layering pieces like fashionable momma Halle Berry (above) who makes a plain white T-shirt look fresh by layering, or find interesting hats and shoes to spruce up old garments.

   Congrats Erin!

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