Gwen Stefani Summer Casual — Trends in Motherhood

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  Although infamously glamorous (and often daring) fashionistas like Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham are constantly photographed in sky-high heels or stomach baring ensembles, we can’t help but love their recent casual summer looks. It goes without saying that the average mother prefers comfortable, functional clothing the most (especially in hot summer months), so try embracing their example, and mastering the look of laid-back (not sloppy) style.

If you’re a momma on a budget, try checking out the new Weekend Wear section of Target (which features a wide variety of fitted tank tops, drapey wraps and coordinated sweats for women of all sizes). If you want to keep it simple like Victoria (in a tank, shorts and sandals), make sure that you’re not showing too much skin (try a gently flowing top like the Floral Pointelle Tank), and support any areas that need structure. The key to keeping casual from looking crazy is making sure all items are in perfect condition (no ratty flip-flops or worn in shirts), coordinating colors (make your style intentional) and remembering thoughtful accessories (simple jewelry will help you look pulled together).

* Sound Off: How do you keep your “dressed down” looks from looking messy?

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3 comments on “Gwen Stefani Summer Casual — Trends in Motherhood
  1. Ali says:

    I wear a bra? 🙂 that keeps things from looking messy…or having everyone stare you in the headlights 😉

  2. bailey says:

    Hehe, agreed! I also could never wear shorts that short (what happens when you bend over to pick up your kid or a mess?)

  3. Fashion says:

    Too loss a vest to wear with no bra! Too much giggling and moving! No thank you!

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