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* Makeover Momma TV Recap of the Week:

What’s the number one way to stop Makeover Momma TV from happening? Familial drama (we all have it, and we all know it has horrible timing). But despite last night’s show-canceling emergency, the show must go on. Ok, the show didn’t go on, but the MMTV Recap Post will continue, and so will the fabulous details I have to spill.

Inside The Event: Strivectin Insiders

I promised you details on my recent trip to New York City for the Strivectin Insider event, and now it’s time to finally dish. Even though the event was fabulous (please see glamorous video above), it was also shockingly eye opening when it came to skincare. As someone who adores every aspect of skin products, anti-aging breakthroughs and scientific research, the Strivectin shindig was like earning my PHD in complexion complexities. The folks at Strivectin take their skincare seriously (as serious as my 5 year old takes Sesame Street plot twists), and they have real scientists, research and deeply detailed clinical studies to back it up. The studies were so impressive in person (we’re talking an enormous decrease in wrinkles, fine lines and redness), that I rushed home and started using my Strivectin-SD Eye Cream Concentrate for Wrinkles immediately. After seeing the large improvement in puffy lids, dark circles and crows feet in just 8 weeks, I know my sleepless peepers need all the help they can get.

If you’re not an expert on skincare, I’m going to give you the CliffsNotes on why Strivectin is so unique. First of all, while attempting to research skin cancer prevention and damage (go team!), they discovered a completely new molecule, therefor giving birth to NIA technology. In other words, the products use never-before-seen technology and completely safe science to create an “orchestra” of products that work in harmony to produce the best skin ever. On top of that, they’re paraben free, use no artificial colors, and make you look like Angelina Jolie in 3 months (I may or may not have made up that last part). Their products are so potent the results are actually published in scientific journals, skin biopsies are taken, and 100% improvement in texture is typically seen. If you want to see just how rocking the results can be, check out the Strivectin Virtual Anti Aging Tool, which lets you see your personal complexion improvements over the coarse of 2, 4 and 8 weeks. It made me realize how much I needed the eye cream… maybe it’s time for you to see what you really need too?

Exclusive Interview: Tiny Tillia Creator, Tiffany Lerman

Remember when I said I love Tiny Tillia from Avon? What about the time I told you Makeover Momma is going to feature a month of exclusive posts from Tiny Tillia founder Tiffany Lerman? The time is finally here! Read on to get the inside perspective on how brand founder and fellow mom Tiffany created her business…

“As a mother of two, I wanted to give my babies the best. I looked everywhere for high quality, cute items for my babies, but I found nothing fun enough to fit the bill – I didn’t like their ingredients and I didn’t like how they looked, so I began a quest to create a line that would provide the best for my babies. The name Tiny Tillia came from my nickname, “TT”, created by my young nieces and nephews when they couldn’t pronounce “Tiffany”.

The Tiny Tillia collection features 12 whimsical animal characters with their own unique personality traits inspired by members of my family, including my mom, author Jackie Collins. Before partnering with Avon, the Tiny Tillia line consisted of only bath and body products. Now, through the help of Avon, Tiny Tillia includes everything for mom and baby’s daily routine, such as toys, bath products, clothing, nursery decor, and even must-haves and accessories for moms. Joining forces with Avon has been a dream come true! They have been so supportive through the whole development process, keeping Tiny Tillia true to my initial ideas. Now that Tiny Tillia has partnered with Avon, my hope is that moms everywhere can welcome it into their homes. Avon can take Tiny Tillia to places that I only dreamed of… and I can’t wait to see this baby grow up.”

* Speak Up: What do you like best about these two brands so far?

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