Go Green For Earth Day With Baby Steps: Speedy Momma Nutrition Moment

Going green can be as simple as walking instead of driving (like Naomi Watts and Keri Russell)…and you can do it too!

Makeover Momma is officially going GREEN! We have joined the movement and are going carbon neutral by having a tree planted in our honor. What is “carbon neutral”, you ask? Basically, any eco-friendly action you undertake to balance your carbon output (and make it neutral), is always going to be better for the earth.

We are joining a brand new, blogging initiative called one blog one tree .  Essentially, our goal is to make every day be “Earth Day”, from now on!

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Want other ways to go green, while improving your health? You can take part in two separate Earth Day initiatives: at the same time! First, if you get any of our eco-friendly products and goods this week only (one is just $5), you will be donating 15% to the Waterkeeper Alliance. Better yet, you’ll get a unique, online story book (giving you expert tips for “going green”), and be entered to win an exclusive organic skincare basket from Sweet P!

Plus, we are helping you learn how to eat organic, natural, allergen-free foods for the entire month of April , just by purchasing anything in our Makeover Momma Shop.  Even if you just spend $5 (the cost of your usual latte), you’ll get an entire Gorgeously Gluten Free consultation free of cost (think about how much diet consultations usually cost), because we want to help you feel better for Spring.

If you want to give this consultation to a friend, a family member (or even for Mother’s Day), just let us know! Email us directly after purchase (no matter how small) at info@makeovermomma.com, and we will send you an exclusive gift certificate (or you can “cash in” on the package yourself!) You don’t have to be allergic to gluten (wheat) to want to learn how to eat healthy, fresh, organic foods….after all, the fresher we eat, the better it is for the environment!

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Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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