Gluten-Free (And FREE) Nut Butters Don’t Have To Taste Bad

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* Day 4: Nuttzo Peanut-Free Butter ($17 value!)

To kick off the fourth day of the 12 Days of Makeovers, I knew we needed something big. I didn’t pick Nuttzo just because they’re giving you a 16 oz jar of completely natural nut butter (though that certainly is big), but because they are an all natural, super healthy alternative (with a cult like following). To date, nearly 36 bloggers tote Nuttzo’s tasty powers in Open Sky shops, while fans continue to shell out for it’s amazing benefits. Even though the peanut-full variety has the largest following (check it out here), this peanut-free version is perfect for anyone with allergies or aversions to peanuts (or heck, who just want to eat better!)

And before I tell you why everyone is so obsessed with Nuttzo, remember that you can try it completely for FREE (today only) just by being the first of 3 to purchase something in the Makeover Momma shop. It doesn’t matter if you only spend $5, you’ll end up with this amazingly popular treat. And if you’re worried that all the jars are gone, stop worrying (I’ll announce it on the main 12 Days of Makeovers post, so keep an eye out and move fast).

So what the heck makes Nuttzo so darn special? To begin with, it combines over seven organic nuts and seeds to create one of the most beneficial nut butters around. You’ll get essential vitamins and oils (good for your hair, skin and weight), while also eating vegan (for all you veggies out there), gluten-free (for gals like me), and ingesting over 84% raw ingredients (in case Demi Moore is reading this). Two tablespoons gives you 180 calories (the same amount or less than traditional peanut butter), but without the sugar, additives and extra sodium. Personally, I loved giving it to my kids because they were too young to discriminate against it’s admittedly “healthy” taste (that’s the taste of your arteries not clogging), and I knew they were getting a truly healthy start to their day.

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* Speak Up: How do you and your family get essential fatty acids each day?

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