Giveaways For Movie Nerds & Movies For Romance Nerds (Good Day For Nerds)


Songs Even A Deaf Girl Wants You To Download*:

* “Holland Road” by Mumford & Sons= I know they are the easy choice, but to me it’s as synonymous as fuzzy boots and french tips (no matter how popular or banal they might become, I still refuse to give them up for sake of bucking a trend). This one is good for any and all amounts of road-trip foot-stomping…

* “Survival” by Muse= If that blazer-wearing acapella boy-man group from Glee were to cover a song that doesn’t involve Kelly Clarkson or Katy Perry, it should be this. Hopefully finger snapping would be included.

* “Intro” by The xx= This zen instrumental is perfect for driving in a city (preferably over a bridge) at night whilst lights flicker past and surrealist realisms resonate in your soul (and/or you muster sentences even more pretentious than that). See also, “Night Drive” by Gotye. Roll down your windows, wash and repeat.


Giveaway You Don’t Want To Miss: My favorite line between the strained married couple in Knocked Up: “Marriage is like a tense, un-funny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn’t last 22 minutes… it lasts forever”. And even though it goes without saying that Paul Rudd has been my biggest man crush since Overnight Delivery (you shoulda been there), I want to see the quazi-sequel “This Is 40” irregardless when it opens on December 21’st. Maybe because the couple makes me slightly uncomfortable with their zing-throwing matrimonial-pictorial accuracy, or because I loved the way female lead Debbie breaks down crying at the end of the first movie when she sees the new baby, thus bringing the entire twisted concept of ‘marriage, babies, repeat’ in a full sadistic circle. (Why do we do this to ourselves? Because it’s the best thing on earth, that’s why).

Despite my plethora of reasons for watching, you too can see “This Is 40” by entering this exclusive giveaway valued at $80, including Fandago movie bucks to watch the flick, a plush robe (double dare you to wear that to the theatre), a personal fitness kit (because nothing says marriage like ignoring that bad boy for the next 10 years), and a T-shirt. Now get your comment on….

Comment On This Post & You Could Win: Tell me, what is the one thing nobody told you about marriage that you wish they had?


Movie You Need To Redbox Tonight: Like Crazy

I watched this movie because I heard it was a “realistic love story” (a bit of a Gordian knot in of itself), and because I’ve adored lead actor Anton Yelchin since his Charlie Bartlett days. I ended up liking it like crazy [too easy] because of its toothy, literarily-obsessed female lead and her perfectly wispy hair in the wedding scene. (You might think that’s a spoiler alert, but this movie is not that predictable). It’s worth it for her wayward bangs, side braids and high-waisted skirts alone, but warrants your view for the undeniable underlying subtext: sometimes there are just people in life that we will never shake. Timing, jealousy, distance, jobs… they will get in the way. It’s what you do with those things together that makes you either a realistic love story or simply nothing at all (because in the end, there really is no in between, is there?)

Where You Should Go In Your Head Right Now:


Do you have art, music, movies or anything to add to the list this week? Leave a suggestion or Pin me!

* I try my best to link all songs to videos featuring lyrics only for fellow deafies. It’s helpful and all kinds of awesome (you’re welcome!)

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3 comments on “Giveaways For Movie Nerds & Movies For Romance Nerds (Good Day For Nerds)
  1. Rebecca G says:

    nobody told me that Happily Ever After looks different for everyone.

  2. James says:

    I would have to say that Disney and all those fairy tales did us a disservice, only showing us the easy part where the handsome prince finally kills the dragon and saves the girl! They never told us that the REAL work starts after you have won the hand of the maiden fair, that the danger and possibility of destruction is great. If we are truly lucky, the reward for all that work is worth it.

    Basically, the true fairy tale is that love conquers all. 🙂

  3. pete matheos says:

    It is a long struggle and you need alot of patience but the journey is worth it and lovely.

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