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* Whrrl Story of the Week: Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowls

I hate washing the dishes. I hate washing the dishes so much that if I could every meal with my hands or on a paper towel, I probably would. One of the foods I hate cleaning up after the most (other than egg microwaved in a bowl), is greasy, buttery popcorn. It leaves a slimy, slippery residue behind that seems impossible to eradicate, and gosh knows what that does to our insides.

Luckily, I discovered the new Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowls at my local Walmart, and it erases the two things I hate the most: A) dirty dishes, and B) oily butter. All you have to do is toss it in your microwave, and let it “pop” into a bowl like container ready for eating. There is no need to use your own silverware…just throw away the “bowl” when you’re done! Best of all, the popcorn is light and pleasantly salty enough to serve to my family, without worrying about the artery clogging ingredients inside.

* Speak Up: Would you try the new Pop Up bowls with your family?

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