Give Back (And Slim Down) With A Visit To Your Famers Market: Sunday Snack With Johanna


Farmers Markets are a great tool. Whether you live in rural America, big city America or in-between in suburbia, they are a great resource because they are fresh, many times organic, and help you support local farmers! I move around a lot since my husbands in the Navy, so I like using the website Local Harvest to find farmers markets in the area.

You just punch in your zip code and they direct you right to the closet farmers markets to you… it’s that easy! The site even breaks it down to you as far as what the market carries, which is great! They are also a great place to teach your kids about where the fruits, and vegetables in the grocery store come from. (plus, you can follow Local Harvest on Twitter @localharvestorg, or you can like them on Facebook: Local Harvest).

Make sure to bring your own bag to the farmers market to help the environment, and stop using plastic. Check out our Kingdom Ventures Magic Bag over at the Makeover Momma Store . Its a great way to  teach our families about reusing!

Here is a recipe  for a cool drink that I picked out at my favorite farmers market. Since many of us are mommas that are pregnant or breastfeeding (or just don’t drink), I decided to adapt the recipe as a virgin drink!

Strawberry Zinger Virgin Cocktail: (adapted from Earthbound Organic Farm: Recipe for Strawberry Ginger Cocktail)

*1 & 1/2 cup locally grown strawberries

*2 tablespoons of sugar (you may substitute the sugar for Truvia, Stevia, or Splenda Brand Sweetener)

*1 and 1/2 cup of crushed ice

*12-16 ounces of ginger beer

*1 ginger root

Place all ingredients into blend on blend and garnish with strawberries and or ginger peel! (That’s it!)

Johanna Thomas tackles farmer’s markets, organic meal plans and healthy recipes for readers every Budget Sunday. To submit your own questions, comments and suggestions, please contact Johanna at

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