Get Insider Hair Styling Secrets Like Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker: Beauty Event Diary

Whether you’re Liv Tyler or Sarah Jessica Parker, a stylist’s tips can be essential…

Wish you could steal insider hair secrets, and apply them to your crazy morning schedule? We rarely have time to eat, bathe or think in the morning (let alone style our hair), so we were lucky enough to have our hair blown dry at a recent New York Fashion Week Red Door Lounge event. Not only is the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa a place we dream about on a daily basis, but Bailey stole a ton of tips from her stylist Billy D…

* Don’t Be Afraid To Bend: Despite initial requests for board straight (“safe”) hair, Billy D. convinced Bailey to try something new. Sometimes finding small ways to break out of your comfort zone (switching your part, or adding a small bend to your ends) is just enough to make people wonder, “when did she get a makeover?”

* Do A Faux-Dry: If you don’t have time to hop in the shower, try simply running your hair under water in the sink
(or spraying down with a squirt bottle), and blow drying just the top layers of hair (creating a just washed-and-styled-effect).

* Make It Last: If you want to add wave, bounce or volume to your hair, dry blow drying the hair around your face (even if you don’t have time for the bottom layers), and leaving large pieces “twisted” in a large, round bristle brush for a few minutes (as if it’s a giant curler near your face). By the time you untwist your hair (and mess up slightly with your fingers), your hair will have the effect of both a blow-dry and hot curlers…without using both!

* What is your favorite “get great hair fast” trick? Please share!

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