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Moms Nicole Kidman and Sarah Michelle Gellar know how to make fringe “grown up”…

The Trend: Fringe, fringe, fringe!

Whenever I think of fringe I think of Pocahontas and the romance of being one with nature and painting with all the colors of the wind… (and most of you Disney stricken mommies can likely relate). I just love the look of a swinging top or dress with tiers of fringe that seem to hide any unevenness of your body. At the same time, fringe gives a little essence of flirt to any outfit. Fringe is sassy and cute and screams for summer sun and summer fun.

* Dip Dye Fringe Vest

This vest is from Topshop and exemplifies the summer flowers and the “oneness of nature” Pocahontas had introduced us to (yep, we can run with a Disney metaphor all day). I just adore the salmon color of this vest. It just makes me want to frolic through an open field of posies and enjoy life (don’t we all want to do that once in our lives?) Plus, running through a field with this garment is sure to let those fringe pieces fly beautifully around you. Yes, it’s a bit expensive at $70, but for Trendy Tuesday fashionistas- it’s totally worth it. Besides, you can wear this with jeans and a pair of wedges or dress it up with a black pencil skirt and pumps!

* Beaded Skinny Scarf

Sometimes, an entire piece covered in fringe is too much to handle at once…so this light and airy scarf is perfect! It adds just a hint of fringe to change up your outfit from boring to bold. The soft pink color goes perfectly with other muted colors like tan and white which are the colors of this summer (the colors that can keep you cool!) This scarf will work best with a white tank top and a high waisted khaki skirt (and a pair of wedges so you look cute and comfy!) And it’s only $7.80 at Forever 21!

* Sequin and Fringe Skirt

Fringe doesn’t have to be only casual… it can also be dressy! This skirt looks amazing on. For starters, it’s high waisted which only serves to make your waist smaller and your legs longer. And who doesn’t want that? Second, there are small sequins embedded in this skirt to give it a classier and sexier appeal. Can’t you imagine dancing and having lights sparkling off of your skirt? Third, the skirt is form-fitting without being revealing or unflattering. The fringe really does do wonders for your body. And guess what? It’s only $19.80 at Forever 21. If you’re in the mood for a night of dancing, this is the skirt for you!

*Trend Sound Off: What part of your summer outfit would you love to adorn with some fringe?

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