Get underWAY With Your Weight Loss By Trying These Drinks: Exclusive Interview With Dr. Sass

Want to feel like Brooke Burke (dressed down or dressed up?) Listen up…

What would you do if you could steal celebrity mom slim and trim tricks, from a personal expert? This just what Brooke Burke (and many other celebritiy moms) do, by taking advantage of Dr. Sass (otherwise known as Dr. Sasson Moulavi, bariatric surgeon and founder of the Smart For Life Cookie Diet). Now you can scoop up his top tricks for feeling healthy and lean, no matter how busy you are (do you feel like a movie star yet?)

How Can You Stay Slim On The Go:

* Follow the SWAP program:  Salad, Water, Activity, Protein. Eat plenty of salads with a low calorie dressing, drink at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day, exercise four times per week to maintain your weight (or try dancing at parties or squeezing in workouts during TV commercials), and eat a diet of high protein foods (versus high carbohydrates). Your metabolism will continue to work properly, and you’ll have more energy!

* Eat organic foods (even when you’re on the go). Try a handful of heart healthy almonds (not roasted), and avoid any personal trigger foods (or foods that are prepared with preservatives and do not require refrigeration).

* Avoid alcoholic beverages. Drink plenty of water (of course), but also avoid high calorie or sugary drinks. Or try drinking underWAY.

Steal Tips From Dr. Sass and Brooke Burke:

According to Dr. Sass, “Brooke Burke prepares for her events by drinking underWAY appetite suppressing beverage after her workouts to avoid eating due to post-exercise hunger. She also eats healthy meals throughout the day with salads and protein”.

Easy enough? If you want to know more about Dr. Sass, check out his blog here. And let us know…

* Would you ever want to try Dr. Sass’s nutritional products?

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