Get The Top Trends From Fall 2010 Runways Like Ellen Pompeo and Nicole Kidman: Fashion Trend Focus

Ellen Pompeo and Nicole Kidman love bold, fashion-forward coats…perfect for Fall!

The Show: Andy & Debb

The Top 4 Mom Friendly Trends

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget, attempting to flatter your body post-partum (or simply don’t want to walk around Wal-Mart looking like Lady Ga Ga)… we review the Top 5 (easy to replicate) trends from Andy & Debb’s New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 show.

1. Stark Contrast: Fall 2010 is all about playing around with deeply contrasting colors (think bright winter whites with jet black), to create an extremely crisp aesthetic. Fortunately, this is also an easy way flatter your figure (wear extremely dark, mute colors on places you want to conceal, and bright, light shades on the best parts of your body).

2. Funky Coats: What would Fall be without a fabulous winter coat? We loved the elegant shapes, delicate touches (think fur collars and intricate buttons) and sweeping structure of runway coats this season. Try looking for a coat that fits so perfectly (and looks so fashionable) that you could almost wear it as a dress (it’ll make even the worst fashion day look wonderful!)

3. Head To Toe: If you don’t have the kind of lifestyle that permits full length pant suits or sleek jumpsuits (in trend this Fall), try creating a similar look with pieces you already own. Choose a pair of flattering pants or trousers, and patch with a well-fitting blazer, jacket or cardigan (of a similar shade).

4. Structured Dresses: The delicate, subdued dresses of Spring seem to be a distant memory, as compared to the strong, powerful cocktail dresses for Fall. Don’t be overpowered by bold textures and fabrics (think hounds-tooth or wool), by making sure you choose a flatter color and extremely flattering shape (before following this trend)..

* Which trend do you want to wear the most?

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