Get The Perfect Summer, Bridal or Prom Hair Accessory: Speedy Beauty Spotlight

Want the perfect hair accessory (like Sarah Jessica Parker and Juliette Binoche)? Stay fresh!

The Trend: Flower Pik

Whether you’re celebrating the summer, a wedding, or your teenager heading to prom, wearing fresh flowers in your hair makes every woman’s inner nature goddess shine and blossom. Fresh flowers in a woman’s hair makes her look natural and as close to Eve herself as you can be. The unfortunate part about flowers is that they eventually die and start to look funky…but with Flower Pik you can wear these flowers without worrying about the petals drying out or falling out! (There is a small compartment that holds a tiny bit of water so the flowers don’t die as quickly.)

Each Flower Pik kit comes with four different packs available in various different colors and patterns: the original pack, the pearl pack, the rhinestone pack, and the teen pack. These clips are great for any event and can add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit!

And get this: it’s only $26 for four different packs at our Open Sky Shop!

* Trend Sound Off: What sort of occasions would you wear these beautiful flower clips for?

Credit: © People

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One comment on “Get The Perfect Summer, Bridal or Prom Hair Accessory: Speedy Beauty Spotlight
  1. jades says:

    Lovely, decided to try one of those!
    I usedFramesi hair products after styling, and my hair was shining. The softness of my hair increased remarkably. Now I can try a beautiful hair acessory…

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