Get The Perfect Sports Bra For Your Body Like Jennifer Lopez: Fashion Spotlight

Whether you’re a busty momma (or on the small side, like Jennifer Lopez and Amber Valletta), you need a good sports bra…

In the quest for the perfect sports bra… we’re always coming up empty. This is why Bailey (editor-and-chief of Makeover Momma) was thrilled to get to try the new sports bra from N-Fini Shape (despite a life-long hatred of athletic bras). Here is what she thought…

What We Love Right Now: N-Fini Shape Sports Bra

“I have had long-term back problems for most of my life, which has made it nearly impossible for me to find a comfortable bra. In the past, I have cut the elastic band on my sports bras, chosen ones that are extra-large (when I’m- unfortunately- an extra-small), and done just about anything to avoid the painfully tight discomfort that is so common with athletic under garments. This is why I was more than pleasantly surprised to tolerate the new N-Fini sports bra not only for a few minutes…but all day! It fit almost like a comfortable, supportive tank top (with flatteringly slim spaghetti straps and a thin, stretchy shape). I love it so much that I feel like working out just so I can wear it!”

Want more tips on finding the perfect bra for you? Real Momma Shanda shares her top tips for finding the best sports bra for nursing moms…

Exercise Bra Tips for Nursing Moms

Studies have shown no difference in the volume or composition of the milk or babies’ weight gain in women who perform regular, moderate exercise after six-weeks post-partum. For the curvier mommas, however, the idea of working out can be a bit intimidating when, in addition to your new baby, you also have a new pair of bigger “twins”! A supportive nursing exercise bra is essential. Here are a few tips for finding one that provides both comfort and support:

* Choose a supportive bra without underwire, which can cause plugged milk ducts and mastitis.

* Pick one that evenly distributes weight over the entire bra and your upper body, eliminating discomfort and pressure on your shoulders, neck and back.

* Lightly padded wide shoulder straps for extra comfort.

* Additional rows of hooks so you can tighten up the bra, and still experience correct fit as your size and shape change as you drop the baby weight and begin to ween your baby

The Bra I tried and Loved: Bravado Supreme Nursing Bra for $50.00

* Let Us Know: What is your favorite kind of sports bra right now?

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2 comments on “Get The Perfect Sports Bra For Your Body Like Jennifer Lopez: Fashion Spotlight
  1. Devon says:

    I just got a new sportsbra from Kalyx and I love it! It is supportive and super cute, too. Comfortable enough to wear all day. And, they have some really fun colors.

  2. Devon says:

    I just got a new sportsbra from Kalyx and I love it! Super supportive and cute. Comfortable enough to wear all day and they have some great colors, too.

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