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The right handbag (like Sophia Vergera and Katie Holmes) can make or break your outfit…

I don’t have cute purses. I don’t have cute purses because I’m a mom, which normally means most of my spare cash is going to food, fuel or tiny dolls with better accessories than I. It also means that the few remaining handbags I own are now covered in a fine layer of spilled formula and sticky snacks (or look so glaringly like a diaper bag that only Minnie Mouse could sport them). Never the less, I finally had a chance to carry a real purse as part of the Shop Suey Society bloggers… and boy did it pay off.

“I love your purse” was probably the number one sentence I heard during a recent trip to Las Vegas (that and, “Do you have six friends you can bring to my club?”), a compliment of which I have never experienced before. For the first time I realized how much a purse can not only bring out the best in your outfit, but actually make your style all together. The Christina Satchel was timeless, chic and literally went with everything I wore, but it also held all of my mommy junk (extra toys, fruit snacks and phone chargers) in expertly hidden inside pockets. Even when I traveled home in relaxed denim shorts and a plaid top, I felt “put together” because of my accessories (and the various green-eyed-stares I recieved along the way). Of course, there are other ways to get fancy-free and low key purses without a ton of stress – including this amazing selection of high quality Chinese wholesale handbags, wholesale purse, wholesale wallets for sale from Factory Wholesale Handbags – but it really depends on your taste. I have never minded “wholesale” or “sale” anything (in fact, I’m normally extra proud of an item if I know I saved big), so I’ll leave the snootery level to your disposal.

The best part was of course the fact that when friends asked me how much it was (assuming it would be well into the hundreds, and I replied “fifty-eight dollars”, they all universally said “wow, that’s not bad!” And it really isn’t. They probably thought they’d have to apply for a payday loan just to afford one! Best of all, you can save 20% if you use the exclusive Makeover Momma coupon code “momma” whilst shopping on Shop Suey (you know you want to!) While you’re at it, be sure to check out all of the other Shop Suey Society ladies on the blog (and let me know which handbag you have your eye on!)

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* Sound Off: What do you think of my purse (be honest) or which purse do YOU like the best?

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