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These mom (Demi Moore and Jenny Garth) love P9OX results…

Transformation is a big word, but I can honestly say that P90X transformed me in body, mind and spirit. It is the program that really started me on a path toward total wellness both physically and emotionally. I thought my experience would be a great one to share here on Makeover Momma.

If you have not heard of P90X, it is a wonderful workout program designed to get you in the best shape of your life in 90 days. It was created by fitness guru Tony Horton, who was in his mid 40’s when he recorded the DVD series. The P90X program comes with 12 workouts, a 3 Phase workout plan and calendar, along with a suggested diet plan. The goal is to keep your body guessing about what is coming next with the idea called “muscle confusion.” Your body never gets used to one thing for two long to help you really transform from flab to fab.

I did not think I had it in me to complete this program. Perhaps if you have seen the infomercial (which I now have a cameo in), you might feel the same way. But, I am here to tell you that it can be done and I’d love to help you succeed. The Beachbody community is really fantastic. There are forums full of people starting P90X each week so you will always have virtual workout buddies to compare stories with and support one another.

This is the program that really can change your life. You will not believe how strong and confident you can feel after just 90 days. I would never write about this program if I did not support it 100%! It is wonderful for men and women. It is not for beginners, but if you are in decent shape, it is totally doable. There are options to modify nearly all moves and you can select the weights or resistance bands that will work for your strength level. You will be shocked at how strong you are after 90 days.

For example, there are one handed push-ups in one workout. Initially, I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” But, by the final weeks, I could do about 10 per side. Now, these were on my knees, but that’s ok. The motto throughout this program is “do your best and forget the rest!”

So, if you are on the fence about trying P90X, I say go for it. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the program, you can return it for a full refund. I would be so thankful if you would order through me and I’ll be your coach. There are also many other programs to choose from, so browse around and find a program that is right for you.

All the best in health and fitness,

Coach Jenn of and Team Beachbody

If you want expert opinion on how to stay fit and focused on the road healthy living, Coach Jenn is the perfect place to start. Using years of experience as a fitness guru and weight loss coach, Jenn has the inside tricks for feeling great (no matter how tired those kids are making you!) Check her out on Makeover Momma with “Get Fit Fridays” (and be sure to visit her website Personal Fit Coach).

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