Get The Diet Tricks of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman: Exclusive Interview With NutriFit’s Jackie Keller

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 Do you ever wish that you never had to cook another meal again, yet could still lose weight? We were happy to speak with Body After Baby founder Jackie Keller, and creator of NutriFit: a diet delivery system that has delivered (pun intended?) fast, post-partum results to many famous mothers (like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and Jessica Alba). We loved her honest answers to some tough questions…so check it out, and see what you think!

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1. We love the fact NutriFit has helped tons of moms (as well as some famous faces) lose weight post-partum. Why do you think NutriFit is so helpful after having a baby?

“Let’s face it- if you’ve just had a baby, your priorities are no doubt geared towards taking care of him or her- not taking care of yourself. That’s where NutriFit comes in… we’re totally dedicated to doing what’s best for you, which we know will also take care of your new child (and maybe your whole family). The truth is that if you’re well-nourished and healthy, you’ll have more energy to take care of the baby. You’ll also sleep better, be in a better mood and have higher self-esteem. Win, win, win – all around.”

 2. A lot of mothers can’t afford pricey diet systems on top of their normal grocery bill. How can moms incorporate NutriFit into their personal budget?

“This is NOT a pricey diet system. We don’t call it diet at all- the NutriFit program is a healthy, affordable way to eat for the rest of your life. The meals are customized to your personal needs, and can be tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle. Additionally, we have a number of support products that moms can purchase to use anywhere in the world, including delicious salt and sugar free spice blends, cookbooks, weight management journals, healthy and unique snack mixes, high energy bars, dessert items and more!

And let’s not forget that I am a licensed and certified wellness coach. Wellness coaching is done virtually, and is an incredibly powerful form of assistance that enables you to really own your own program AND results!”

 3. Sometimes meal delivery systems help a mother lose weight at first, but she doesn’t understand the long-term concepts of healthy eating. How do you think Nutrifit is different?

“As noted above, NutriFit is FAR from your ordinary meal delivery system. We have been in the business of health education for over 22 years, conducting thousands (literally) of cooking classes, nutrition lectures and wellness workshops all over the country. As mentioned, I am a licensed and certified Wellness Coach, and I have been recognized internationally for my healthy approach to daily living.”

4. We have to know… what are your top three favorite meals offered on NutriFit?

“Mexican Turkey Lasagna, French Riviera Alaskan Halibut or Salmon and Chicken Provencal.”

5. After years of training (both culinary and health related), what was the number one reason you were driven to create NutriFit, and what has it taught you about healthy living for women today?

“I have always been driven by my desire to help others avoid losing a parent (or loved one) at an early age to a preventable disease. I lost my father when I was just 19 years of age- and his death could’ve been prevented if he followed a healthy diet and exercised. Hence, NutriFit. My work has taught me that what I do every single day makes a difference in the life of someone – client, family member, friend or acquaintance. We live in a small world, and have an obligation to do something positive to better the lives of people around us. NutriFit is my expression of that belief.”

* Would you ever want to try this diet? Why or why not?

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4 comments on “Get The Diet Tricks of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman: Exclusive Interview With NutriFit’s Jackie Keller
  1. Allison says:

    Thank you so much for this interview! Jackie helped me loose my post-baby weight the right way and I have kept it off (thank god!) for two years 🙂

    I recommend her plan to anyone and every one and if you happen to live in the LA area, NutriFit will change your life! It changed mine!

  2. Bailey says:

    Thanks so much! It’s always great to hear from real ladies who’ve tried a program… Do you have any favorite meals, from the plan?

  3. Shelby Ray says:

    I agree with Allison – Jackie’s plan is awesome! Thanks for this article – it encouraged me to find her on Facebook (her page is really really good) and I was just able to shoot her a message to say thank you for helping me be one red hot mama! 🙂

  4. Allison says:

    Bailey – I love all things Mexican on the plan – turkey taquitos, Mexican Lasagna and turkey burgers … also, her double chocolate fudge cake (SO good – you won’t believe it’s low-fat!!!) and Mighty Mom Mix is amazing too!!!

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