Get Sunset Inspired Makeup Backstage At Rebecca Minkoff

The Show: Rebecca Minkoff

The Look: and Stila Cosmetics makeup artist Sarah Lucero demonstrated a lesson in restraint during the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011 show. Since the show was going to be a presentation (where models stand still so clothing and beauty can be admired up close), it was important for the look to be just as flawless in person as it would walking down a runway. To create a wearable, streamlined aesthetic, Sarah used a mix of rosy accents (bronzed eyelids and flushed lips) with silky skintones (neutralizing all redness and irritation). Since the eye and lip color had hints of sunset shades, she made sure that complexions were completely even with the new Stila One Step Correct (create a similar look with a primer that counteracts uneven skin-tones). To break up the bronzed eyelids and lips, she added a ruddy brown eyeliner to upper lids (use soft brown, bronze or rosy shades at home, to create a similar palette).

I had the privilege of viewing these smoldering russet shades backstage at the show, and even later on when I rant into one of the models (see left, above) at Starbucks. She looked just as stunning sipping her coffee in public, as she did under the harsh presentation lights (now that is the true test of wearable makeup).

Go All The Way: Even though Sensai Lifting Radiance 3D Masks were not used on these exact model’s faces during fashion week, they sure as heck could have been. After trying the Sensai lifting mask for the first time, I personally didn’t know what to expect (I still don’t need a heck of a lot of lifting, so was worried about gaging a difference). However, I emerged from the soft cloth face mask looking as if I’d just spent the day at a fancy spa (and didn’t have a constant “mother of two”hangover). The really interesting part about these masks is that they treat the neck area as well, so your entire face and neck look hydrated, refreshed and glowing. This would be the perfect product to use before a special event, an impending birthday (which may or may not have you considering a panic attack) and yes, even fashion week. It helped give that “just had a facial” aura (and easily contoured to my entire face), but it only took minutes to apply.

* Speak Up: Have you ever tried a face mask like this? How do you think it would benefit YOUR skin?

Credit: © College Fashion

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