Get Shiny Hair With Honey Infusions: Celebrity Makeover Moment

Wish your hair shined like Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore? Natural ingredients will help…

Do you have dry, dull hair (like most stressed out, tire mommas) but are longing for silky, smooth strands? Stylist and hair salon owner Nick Chavez employs the power of honey to help you achieve shiny, radiant hair.

*Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Hair Shampoo ($18)

This shampoo imparts the benefits of honey and peppermint onto your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny, and touchable. It refreshes and revives your scalp and hair to facilitate easier styling (which means less time struggling in front of the bathroom mirror). It also works for all hair types (and will not strip hair of color), so you’re protecting and nourishing your ends.

*Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Hair Conditioner ($20)

Do you want to pamper your hair (then again, who doesn’t?) Indulge it with this honey-peppermint cocktail. This conditioner infuses potent ingredients into every strand to renew health and vitality. Plus, it’s lightweight and promises to repair the damaging effects of the environment, heat, and chemical styling (so your hair has to work less hard to look super cute).

*Honey Glaze Hair Styling Gel ($18)

This product uses honey to provide not only fabulous shine, but also body and hold (without that gross “crunchy” effect gel normally delivers). It’s great way to define waves or curls, and has the power to defend hair against humidity (without getting greasy or heavy).

* Speak Up: What is your all time favorite beauty product that uses honey?

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