Get Red Carpet Ready In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Moms Cate Blanchett and Isla Fisher know how to rock the red carpet.

* Fashion Breakdown of the Week:

Do you ever secretly wish that you could walk the red carpet for just one night? The concept of getting dressed up, feeling beautiful and having some time to yourself is so rare to most moms, it seems like a myth. After being able to wear a floor length gown to a work-related gala this past weekend, I frantically encouraged everyone around me to document the experience (for fear there wouldn’t be proof that I can, in fact, wear something other than pajamas). But despite the urgent need for photographic evidence of a night of glamor, most of us completely forget how to get “dolled up” in general.

As a proud QVC Red Carpet Q-correspondant, I am going to spill the beans on how you can feel gorgeous on your next night out (even if your kid is literally spilling beans on you)….

* Always Smell Fresh: Prepare for a night out on the town like you’re going in to battle. Even if you haven’t had time to shave every square inch of your legs or pedicure your feet, no one will be the wiser if you’re smelling fresh and sassy. I personally believe that deodorant can be used in many different ways (other than keeping you from stinking). Try using a fresh smelling deodorant like Secret Fresh Effects Fresh Water Orchid to minimize red bumps and shaving irritation after a shower (yes, swipe your thighs down ladies… it’s weird but it works!)

* Keep It Swinging: After taking a full 10 minutes on my hair before the recent gala (which is like 3 hours in “mommy time”), my particularly handsy 19 month old decided to re-style my hair on the couch with a mixture of snotty fingers and tons of enthusiasm. One of the best ways to avoid follicular mayhem before running out the door is by styling your hair with lots of movement to begin with (think shiny, swingy waves instead of a hair-sprayed updo). The more natural and healthy your hair appears, the more wiggle room you have for wiggly children to mess it up before hand.

* Stay Clear: There is nothing worse than a big breakout on the day of a special event (believe me, I’ve been there before). Although I’ve had my fair share of stress and hormone related skin calamities, using acne treatment pads a few weeks before a big event has completely nipped the problem in it’s red, inflamed head. Even though I originally feared irritation, I got in touch with my inner teenager by using Clearasil Facial Cleansing Pads (every morning and every night), and my skin has never been better. It’s worked so well that I’ve even been able to stop using face masks or other treatments. My skin has never been so low maintenance!

Want to win Clearasil Facial Cleansing Pads to celebrate your next “red carpet” night out? Clearasil is teaming up with MTV for the new “Make The Clear Choice” campaign (an initiative to help teenagers make clear choices with drugs, alcohol, sexual activity and self esteem related decisions). Here’s how your can support the cause and spoil yourself with clear skin…

* Comment Below: “What is your favorite ‘Red Carpet’ trick for feeling glam on a big night out?”

* Like Clearasil on Facebook. For every “Like”, Clearasil will donate $1 to the following charities: Love Is Louder, The Partnership with, and

That’s it! Comment below and a winner will be chosen by the end of the week. They will be contacted directly and announced on Twitter (@makeovermomma) and Facebook… so stay tuned!

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5 comments on “Get Red Carpet Ready In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  1. The red carpet tip I like is Always stay fresh, that’s. A

  2. Amy says:

    Nothing feels better than getting a mani/pedi and your hair done on a big night out. You feel glamorous and it’s such a confident booster!

  3. Jenanine m says:

    Getting your nails done 🙂

  4. nikki says:

    Love this post – and this website!! =)

  5. Joe Kazmierski says:

    Yeah, ladies … if only Applebee’s would roll out that red carpet!

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