Get Radical Results Without The Trouble: Beauty Solution In Seconds

Want to feel naturally gorgeous, like Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Hudson? Get radical!!

Having beautiful skin should never be a hassle or kill your budget. And with these products, skin as pure as your baby’s bottom can be yours (without surgery or risky procedures!) How can we complain?

* Radical Skincare Travel Kit

The surest sign of a great vacation is how refreshed you look after it. The Radical Skincare Travel Kit uses the latest clinically proven ingredients at their maximum recommended levels to get the perfect anti-aging results. The kit includes a 20ML Hydrating Cleanser, 15ML Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, 20ML Restorative Moisture, and 5ML Eye Revive Cream for the best skin you can have. You’ll return home looking like you had something “done”…with zero pain or effort (if only raising kids was that easy!)

* L’Oreal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer

Not only is this product a two-for (you can use it for day and night), it combines the best that L’Oreal has to offer. In just four weeks, you can have the skin you dream of (come on admit- you look like Halle Berry in your dreams). Here’s a breakdown: in two weeks, expect restored skin clarity, and in four weeks, a brighter and more even complexion. With 48-hour time release Vitamin C and tourmaline gem, this product is a radical must.

* Infusion Organique Acai Rain

It is completely possible to get radical results from a fragrance. How? Well, this scent from Infusion Organique combines organic oils, extracts, and botanicals to create a soft scent that won’t bother even the most sensitive of noses. The Petit Parfums also includes an alcohol that is made from certified organic sugarcane to make the perfume more mild and long-lasting than regular chemical perfumes. And since perfume lasts for so long,  $35 is a bargain!

* Beauty Trend Sound Off: Do you ever feel as if there isn’t enough time in the day to care for your skin? We want to know!

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