Get Long, Lean Muscles — Three Minute Body Tips

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Three Minutes To Get Lean Muscle Tone

1. Do Less (Weights, That Is): Achieving long, lean muscles can be as easy as decreasing the amount of weight you typically lift in strength training, and alternating between weights as low as 2 to 5 pounds (like low-weight, high-rep fan Gwyneth Paltrow). In order to keep challenging your muscles- strive to do more repitions of each exercise than ever before, and instead of psyching yourself out by counting every movement- aim to “keep moving until your muscles are completely and utterly fatigued”.

2. Change It Up: In order to trully tone and fatique your muscles (using less weight), try holding the position for 20 seconds at the end of each set, doing small, controlled pulses for 20 seconds, and doing small circular motion for 20 seconds. This works well for exercises targeting the upper body or your legs…or try skipping typical strength training exercises, and cross-training your entire body (like workout ADD momma, Kate Hudson). Choose activities that use your body weight for toning (like bootcamp movements, ballet classes or surfing), or (for busy moms) simply pop in a variety of Pilate’s or Yoga videos instead.

3. Start Jumping: Instead of merely lifting weight one day out of the week (and doing cardio the next), try combining the two into a fat-shedding circuit (that lets you get lean in less time). Adding plyometric movements (jumping exercises) into your routine can help creat slim and trim muscles in your entire body (and raise your heart rate), without having to skimp on strength. Check out the Makeover Momma suggestions for creating your own Plyometric Routine at

*Do you want to know how to target a certain body part or improve your favorite exercises, in just three simple steps? Send in your comments, questions and suggestions!

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4 comments on “Get Long, Lean Muscles — Three Minute Body Tips
  1. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  2. thank you so much!! i’m about to download from the site right now!

  3. voice of reason says:

    No offense to the author, but I just don’t understand women’s obsession with being skinny. I get losing fat because ive also gone through fat burning stages (I lost 30 or so lbs of fat). But being “skinny” is usually not the same thing as being fit. And muscles give women sexy shape and curves, so why atrophy what’s already underdeveloped?

  4. No offense taken. This has 100% absolutely nothing to do with atrophying muscle, or being “skinny” (not sure where you got that impression?) It is titled “long” and “lean”, because it simply means using body weight or less weight to create muscle tone that isn’t bulky or tight, but is similar to the tone of a ballerina (which I am). Trust me, I weigh about twice as much as you’d think, because I have tons of muscle, it’s just not super bulky (although any sort of muscle is a wonderful, healthy goal). These exercises have zip to do with weight loss or being skinny: they’re only used to elongate the muscles and tone the body in new ways. Not a single thing on Makeover Momma is about extreme weight loss, but rather creating “balance” through healthy habits (a point I push home on an almost weekly basis via columns, fitness videos and Makeover Momma TV broadcasts). I’m sorry you got this impression, because it’s literally the exact opposite of what we try to promote on the website.

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