Get Lean and Fit Like Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Roberts: Make It Better

Moms like Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Roberts work for their lean, fit bodies…what’s your workout?

You Love: Stealing exercise tips from magazines, and trying them for yourself at home…

Make It Better: Have you always been obsessed with beautifully glamorous magazines (like our favorite Elle), but never had the money, time or energy to achieve the looks seen inside? We love Elle’s brand new Make Better campaign (featuring a January magazine issue, website and three-set DVD system) to help women achieve miniature makeovers in small steps. Instead of expecting perfection, try doing little things that pay off with big results.

This is the entire premise behind the new Elle Make Better DVD collection (featuring high fashion model Brooklyn Decker), which features a Cardio Body, Better Beauty Sculpt and Yoga DVD. Each video will work your body in completely new ways (whether using intervals, intense cardio or challenging poses), helping to keep the boredom at bay (and the results continually coming).

In a day-and-age where mothers feel imperfect if they can’t commit to exercise six days out of the week, why not try three challenging weekly workouts (like these DVD’s), and be proud at the healthy steps you’re taking!

* What Do You Think: Have you tried the Elle Make Better DVD collection? What DVD’s are you loving right now?

Credit: © People

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