Get High Maintanence Hair Without The Work: Make It Better

Wish your hair was as shiny as Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Ripa? They condition like crazy!

Product Alert: Wish you could condition your hair in the warm weather months, no matter where you are, what the weather is like or how crazy your hair is behaving? Listen up!
* For Treatment In A Sheet: Ted Gibson’s Hair Sheet Treatment ($14.99)

This handy, portable towelette is  an essential treatment that moisturizes  the  root and shaft of the hair follicle (even on the go!) These hair towelettes provide both vitamins and proteins to the hair, giving the hair a natural shine. This is definitely the most sought after product in terms of increasing the shine and softness of your hair (especially since fluctuating weather can make our hair super dry!) Though it is kind of pricey, we think this is the perfect hair splurge for a birthday or Mother’s Day gift.

* For Conditioner That Multitasks:Ted Gibson’s Daily Nourish Conditioner ($19.99)

This one conditioner contains nine different conditioning ingredients that will strengthen weak hair and illuminate dull, dry ends. Though it smells of White Orchids (lovely), it still has the ability to take on any hair issue that motherhood might create (and trust us, we have tons!)

* For Soft Hair All Day Long: Catwalk By T.I.G.I Curlesque Leave In Conditioner ($20-13)

If your hair begins to have a mind of it’s own during warm weather (think frizz, flyaways and freakish amounts of wave), we suggest styling it with the new Curlesque products. This leave-in conditioner will tame your hair, while giving it focus (that means neat, tidy waves and curls, instead of crazy humidity hair). It’s super easy to use, works fast, and does wonders for the curly mommas of the world!

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