Get High End Hair Treatments With A Paraben-Free Twist

Jessica Alba and Courtney Cox have shiny, healthy looking hair.

*Product Review of the Week:

My hair hates me. I’ve dyed it more colors than you can imagine since the tender age of 13 (including blue, platinum and black), I’ve mistreated it with curling irons, flat irons and gnarly hair brushes, and I’ve chopped it off to my earlobes when it least expects it. And even though I’ve completely reformed my ways years ago (settling into a consistent hair color, pampering with oils and conditioners, and avoiding blow dryers like the plague), the damage has still been done. My ends suck up the deepest of deep conditioners like it was lemonade, while my roots get oilier than the Gulf Coast on a bad day.

In short, my hair has the needs of a salad in Beverly Hills: high protein, low oil and ridiculously overpriced. Products with protein keep my strands strong and shiny… but unfortunately this normally calls for costly products and regimens. Lately I’ve been loving a brand called Belegenza because it really packs a punch for it’s dollar. It might cost a little more than your average  drugstore brand, but it’s because it’s filled with amazing ingredients to pamper your hair from root to tip. For example, I love RoMANce: a deep conditioner that prolongs hair color, hydrates with natural juices and vitamins, and strengthens with anti-oxidants. Belegenza products are silicone-free, paraben-free, and chemical-free, while still being designed for salons and high-end establishments. (For more of my favorite Beleganza products, check out Spotlight Shine s500 and TransFix too).

* Hooray For Holidays is not over yet! If you buy anything in the Makeover Momma shop during the month of December (no matter the cost), you can pick an amazing product for FREE (including Belegenza hair treatments!) So double your investment this holiday season… and go get your shop on!

* Sound Off: What is the fanciest product you use in your hair?

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