Get Healthy In The Heat With Frozen Fruit Drinks: Sunday Snack With Johanna


Summer is officially here, and I love making meals for my family that use fruits that are in season, local, or organic (or a combination of everything). Since I love serving fruit to my family during the warm weather months, I always think of my favorite summer treat of all time: a drink I have at one of of the coolest place in New York City, Pret a Manger.  You can find this amazing restaurant all over NYC, Washington D.C., Asia and the UK (where  it was founded back in 1986), and now it is coming to the windy city of Chicago too!

The Recipe: Pineapple & Mango Yogurt Drink (adapted from Pret a Manger)

What You Need:

* Blender

* Spatula

* 2 large glasses

* 2 ripe organic  mangoes

* 1/2 of a organic pineapple

* 1 cup of organic Greek yogurt

* 2 cups of organic apple juice

* 1 organic lime ( squeeze out juice, be sure to leave out the seeds )

* 2tsb organic agave syrup

What To Do: Cut the pineapple and mango into chunks, and place in blender. Add yogurt and apple juice to the blender, and combine until smooth. Near the end, at the lime and agave too.  Use the spatula to make sure everything is blended well. Serve in 2 glasses (or refrigerate immediately). Garnish with a wedge of lime. This is packed with vitamins and protein thanks to the Greek yogurt, so  you can “get your health on” without even trying!

Enjoy this cool, tasty recipe on this hot June day!

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