Get Gorgeous With Exotic Oils Like Jennifer Garner and Demi Moore: Beauty Product Breakdown

Valentine’s Day star moms Jennifer Garner and Demi Moore get gorgeous with natural products (like this exotic oil)…do you?

If you want to get the silkiest skin, hair and body possible when you’re snuggling up to your honey on Valentine’s Day, try checking out the latest from Elemis. It’s a rich, exotic Monoi oil that can multitask nearly as much as you do (and that’s saying a lot!)

The Product: Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt

Five Ways We Would Use It:

1. Pamper Your Body: Try slathering this Lipid-filled oil on your skin right after the shower (or add a few drops to your bath water), for silky smooth, supremely hydrated skin.

2. Make It Work: We recommend mixing a tiny amount with your favorite shimmering lotion, highlighter or bronzer, to create a flattering lotion (apply down the length of the leg, across your decolletage or along your shoulders to create the illusion of a longer body).

3. Help Your Hair: If you have problem with dryness in your hair, try using this once a week for a damage-reducing conditioning treatment (slather on dry areas or massage into scalp, and rinse out after 5 minutes). Try using a small amount as a shine serum on dry or damp hair, to help tame fly-aways and reduce the appearance of split-ends.

4. Give a Manicure: This is the perfect product to hydrate cuticles, make nails look shiny and help treat chapped, rough hands and feet. Simply apply to any areas you want to hydrate (cover in socks or gloves, if possible) and leave on overnight. Voila!

5. Smell Gorgeous: Try taking a small amount of this floral-smelling oil and mixing with a few drops of your favorite perfume. Gently tap on the major pressure points of your body (or anywhere you want to smell nice), and let it dry (avoid rubbing, which can break up the scent). Your perfume will last longer, and you’ll smell amazing!

* Do ever use exotic oils in your beauty regimen?

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One comment on “Get Gorgeous With Exotic Oils Like Jennifer Garner and Demi Moore: Beauty Product Breakdown
  1. There is only one true Monoi de Tahiti exotic oil.
    It comes from the islands of Tahiti with an official (appelation d’Origin).
    Please read our info and look at our Monoi de tahiti oils.
    Please be aware of Brand name Fakes.

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