Get Gorgeous Maternity Fashions To Match Your Bump

Pregnant stars Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman keep maternity fashion casual…

* Fashion Breakdown of the Month:

Maternity clothes are rarely cute. Personally, one of the hardest aspects of pregnancy shopping was finding styles that worked with my varying needs per trimester (whether newly showing or full-blown Moby Dick). In the early stages, I wanted to hide my bump rather than accentuate it (because at that point I just looked too lazy to suck in my stomach). But once I started to pop, I considered wearing shrink wrap so that passerby’s would know I was growing a human being inside (as opposed to drinking one too many kegs).

So many stores are catering to the stylish momma when designing maternity wear these days, and all I can say is… it’s about dang time! Lately maternity styles look cuter than the non-procreating women’s department (yes, I’m tempted to sport maternity tops and hope that no one notices). But if you’ve already found every decent item at Target or Kohls, try checking out one of my favorite new lines: Mamas and Papas maternity clothes. Unlike your prototypical pregnancy wear (leggings, large loose tunics and one too many fabric belts at the waist), Mamas & Papas uses every-day runway as inspiration, and features a wide array of color block dresses, bold prints and modern cuts. Now if only maternity clothes could make aching boobs, salad-resistance constipation and a foot in the ribs feel better, we’d really be on to something…

* Speak Up: What did YOU look for in maternity fashion?

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