Get Gatsby Glamorous Makeup In Mere Minutes (And Fall In Love With This Mascara)

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The Inspiration: I love The Great Gatsby. And not just because it’s going to become noxiously popular amongst the Leo-loving tweens or the Mulligan-Mumford fans (I’m more of the latter than the former), but because I actually read the book. And yes, I’m being a book snob, but if there is ever a reason to be snobby about anything… it would be that. (See also, Nerd News book reviews)

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The Fix: As a ballerina, doing anything “low key” is relatively unrealistic. I live and breathe sparkles, and literally have them tatoo’d on my side. Still, as a busy and/or lazy mom, I very rarely go above and beyond mineral foundation and a swipe of mascara in the morning. This is why my dalliances in to Gatbsy inspired makeup came in stages. Feel free to keep it low maintenance, or go full out accordingly.

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The Products: I have always loved Mary Kay products because they’re organized, simplified and work, but now I have a confession to make: I never gave them enough justice. Why? Well one of the reasons is that I’ve always thought that (for example) mascara technique matters more than the product itself. To some extent, this is true. I have more eyelashes tricks up my sleeve than —. but after trying the Lash Love option fro Mary Kay, I retract all my previously held beliefs. I’ve had an ephiany, and may never go back again. Seriously, layering on this mascara has made my eyelashes longer than ever before. Every morning feels like the girls [lashes] pull together as a team to give me a good lash day… and the same the next day… and so forth. Convinced, yet? Although all the products I used here were from the new Mary Kay collection, I have to say I am completely head over heels with this mascara…second to Sir Fitzgerald, that is.

The Hair: I don’t just love the woman behind Lively Happenings because she is spoiling amazing winners with the Lighten Up makeover giveaway this month. And I don’t just love her because she hand-crafts every item herself (or because I crushed on the products for an embarrassingly long time via Etsy before sharing my admiration). Nope, I love her because she is an everyday lady like all of us, who tries to find a little bit of glamour in the daily grind. (In a sense, isn’t that why we all love Gatsby so much anyways?) Even though her Sparkle Fitness Headbands were created to be worn during a workout, they are perfect for mommas in any form because it stayed put all day [I literally forgot I was wearing it], whilst adding just enough glitter to help me look glam. Instead of retro hair, finger curls and opulent waves that take hours to create, this was the perfect way to hide strands that desperately needed to be washed! I just put on the headband, pulled out a few of my natural wisps, and twisted the rest into a messy bun in the back. Easy enough?


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