Get Flawless, Simple Makeup Like Halle Berry- Website Shout Out

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 Do you love the classic makeup styles of moms Debra Messing and Halle Berry? Find out what fits your face…

The Website: Makeup Access

Why: If you read our fantastic mineral makeup tips (and Real Momma beauty e-book review), you know that makeup artist Karinda Ristic has been planning a surprise for Makeover Momma readers…and now here it is! Win an exclusive, personalized online makeup consultation from Karinda herself, just by being one of the first 10 readers to purchase her online e-book The 10 Step Makeup Guide.Yes, that means she will personally work with you examining your photos, face shape, and coloring, to determine the perfect way to accentuate your face (saving your time and energy in the morning). Need we say more?

* Speak Up: What is the one makeup trick, that brings out the best in your face?

Credit: © Jordan Strauss / and Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd. at Daily Makeover

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