Get Fit With Your Family Like Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn: $5 Buy

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Make working out can be a family affair like close mother/daughter pair Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray (as well as Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson).

Do you want to feel trim, lean and fit… without ever leaving your house? We love almost any workout DVD that lets moms get fit at home (saving money, time and energy), but we were super impressed with the rave reviews surrounding this video. Real Momma Lisa loves it so much that she said, “I was having such a challenge doing just the beginning level of this workout, that my husband was teasing me. I asked him to do it with me, and now we’re both working out (and getting our butts kicked) together.”

Adding, “The best thing about this video for moms is that it’s only 20 minutes…so there is no excuse. Everyone can find 20 minutes in their day to workout.”

The Price: $5.95 (Used, Like New on Amazon)

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Want other ways to workout at home? Find ways to exercise with your children by playing this game from My Classy, or check out these Makeover Momma store suggested FitnessUWear Banglz wrist weights (1/2 pound weights that look like bracelets, but let you workout around the house no matter what you’re doing).

* What is your favorite workout DVD right now?

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