Get Fit With Your Computer Like Nancy O’Dell and Liv Tyler: Website Shout Out

Too busy to workout (like working moms Nany O’Dell and Liv Tyler?) Try fitting in a quick exercise routine at the office or at home!

The Website: Fit

Why We Love It: We have fallen in love with exercise programs available through Fit TV (or any television station), because it lets us get a challenging exercise routine at home. Whether doing 30 minutes of belly dancing, Yoga, circuit training (or more), we surprise our muscles with completely new movements and challenges every day (and love doing crunches or strength training during commercial breaks). If you want to replicate some of these results using your computer, try checking out the Fit TV website. You can test out ab workouts, strength routines and plenty more (without ever having to leave the house or your office).

* Do you ever workout with your TV or computer?

Credit: © People

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